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Hello everyone, how are you today? Okay, this time, I will tell you about my good friends in high school. So, I had 4 best friends in SMAN 17 Bandung. They are Indri, Risti, Reza and Nurlaila. We are often working on a common task and I started close to them.

They are very funny, and I think they have a different character. Risti are fun, friendly, kind, and she’s really funny. She could always liven up the atmosphere, wherever we feel. But indeed sometimes she likes moody. After graduating high school, Risti lectures at UIN Bandung. And we rarely see.

Then, Indri is a good person, she’s also fun, friendly, but sometimes like careless in storing valuable items. Sometimes like to forget, or forget to keep it. She attended Immanuel Hospital obstetrics in Bandung and we are rarely met when I was in college. She had optics also in Bandung.

Reza is seatmate during I had school at SMAN 17 Bandung. We are 3 years one class and one extra curicullar in high school. She’s a good person, but more specifically. So, she was the one always firmly, and rather quiet. After graduating high school, she studied at UNPAS, majoring in Management.

Then, Nurlaila is one of my friends, she is a good person, beautiful, intelligent, but many stunned. So, if someone else story funny thing, she’s always laughing at the end. But that’s what makes her funny. After graduation, he studied at UIN Bandung, majoring in accounting.

And I studied in UNPAS, majoring in food technology. So, I’m not the same campus with Reza. But thank God, we all could graduated from college on time (cum laude) and now we can continue our dream of the future.

We seldom gather or meet. But we always try to be together if there is time and opportunity. We are also not every day have communication, but thank God until this moment we are still full and still be health.

bachelor, 2016

Hopefully we can also organize a better future, with each path. I hope, what we get now will give good impact for everyone, may we always be healthy and be reunited with better conditions.

Yap, that is story about me and my good friends. Thank you’ve read my blog, hopefully enjoy. May you always be healthy and happy. see you 🙂


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