My Opinion | What I think about Dangdut?

hello everyone.. okay, a blog that I write this time will discuss the dangdut music. Are you know dangdut? okay I don’t really understand about the science of music, so here I only give an assessment of dangdut.

by. Tumblr

many say if dangdut isn’t good genre of music. especially since it emerged dangdut videos, many singer who uses less good clothes when they sang a dangdut. I was not insulted or judging at all, so I hope you understand what I mean. I think, dangdut music is one kind of music that is very classic, the strains of music is fun to dance. and dangdut, many kinds. no flow wither, classic and not only cheerful, but some are sad.

according to dangdut music forum, Dangdut is the music flow is not foreign to the people of Indonesia, Dangdut is the music that is very Populist for Indonesia since the days of the founding of the state of Indonesia. Dangdut music is rooted in the Malay music began to develop in the 1940’s. so dangdut had been around a long time.

classic dangdut lyrics that have a soul, so that we as an audience can be brought into it. the merits of a music or songs, in fact, depends on how we are. no songs or music that bad, as long as we performed the song or the music well and wisely. so, anyone want to try listening dangdut? I suggest if you have never heard the song of dangdut, try searching for classic or reference dangdut earlier times, for example 90s. because classic dangdut songs were light enough to be heard and the lyrics have a deep meaning.

okay, that is my opinion about dangdut, so enjoy and thank you for read my blog. see you on next my story 🙂


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